Forming Filling For a Future

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From the very beginning God tells us how He works. By His Word, He forms and fills for a future. I became aware of this pattern when I read reading the Bible in 3D. Whether you look at one story, one book or the entire Bible, God is always forming and filling for a future.

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Michael Bull has written an easy to read book that helped me see the Bible as I have never seen it before. One len that Michael uses is fractals. A fractal is a shape made up of smaller versions of itself. Seeing the fractals in God’s created world gave me a visual picture to help me see that His Living Word, the Bible, is a fractal in which self-similar patterns are repeated. One pattern that begins in creation and continues throughout the Bible is that God forms, then He fills, for a future. This pattern is easy to see it in the story of Noah’s Ark, The Call of Abraham, Jacob and his twelve sons, Joseph,  Moses, The Nation of Israel and the Birth of Jesus. Seeing God’s World and God’s Word reflected in each other is just one of the many views this amazing book makes clear.