Books of the Bible: Overview

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Often I don’t know where God is taking me but this I KNOW, as I follow, He leads me to amazing places. Several years ago I created a pictorial harmony of the gospels based on J. W. McGarvey’s The Four-Fold Gospel to help me combine the stories told in the gospels into one story. I really didn’t see how I could share this resource however it has been invaluable to me to be able to see the stories of Jesus side by side in the four gospels.

The literature for VBS in 2017 used two stories from Genesis, three stories from the Gospels and one story from Acts. To give context, I wanted a simple overview of each book of the bible allowing us to look at the whole Bible before we studied the specific stories.

I found a One-Sentence Summary of each book of the Bible was written by Jeffrey Kranz  and with his permission I used his one sentence summaries with graphics from Free Bible Images to create this flipbook.

Notice in this flipbook that the four gospels are shown in harmony rather as individual books. There is a letter representing each gospel under each graphic. If the story appears in the gospel, the letter and chapter appears in red. For example: Peter’s Deniel of Jesus M26–M14–L22–J18. Clicking on the graphic will either lead to the scripture in BibleGateway or to the full story in Free Bible Images.