Biblical Images

Free Bible Images
These resources are free for teaching purposes – no strings attached. They give you the pictures but you provide the words. A Bible reference and story planner are there to help you. They try their best to make the images as accurate as possible. These resources are for everyone, everywhere for all time.
La Vista Church of Christ
Pictures from Bible Stories
Bible Picture Gallery 
Thousands of downloadable images for Christian teaching, preaching and outreach. They are ideal for computer projection, web pages and not-for-profit printing. Lifetime membership are avaiable.
Wikimedia is a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world.
Biblical Art
Stories in the bible have always inspired artists. On this site you will find a selection of such biblical art, including many highlights from the history of art.
The Heart Gallery is a collection of thousands of inspirational images featuring bible verses about Christian living.
Bible Revival and Breadsite
Unless noted otherwise, all graphics, backgrounds, borders, digital art, audio files (MP3) and other resources (collectively referred to as the Content) are provided for your personal, non-profit and non-commercial use. To locate a specific image, click search on the menu. Type clipart and then whatever you are searching for. Example: clipart Moses
Christians Unite
Christian images here are free for your use on web sites, newsletters, church bulletins or anywhere else you can find them useful, however redistribution is prohibited.
OurSet Ministry
A collection of classic art work depicting scenes from both Old and New Testament events including Creation, Noah, David, Jesus, and Paul.
Bible History
This site provides images and maps for the study of the Bible and history. Please feel free to use them for personal study, classroom, or church use. Website or publication use is not permitted without written permission.
Pitts Theology Library
The Digital Image Archive (DIA) presents more than 60,000 images of biblical illustrations, portraits of religious leaders, printers’ devices, engravings of church buildings, and other theological topics. They are available for teaching, research, and other non-commercial purposes.
James Tissot
In 1885, Tissot had a revival of his Catholic faith, which led him to spend the rest of his life making paintings about Biblical events. To assist in his completion of biblical illustrations, Tissot traveled to the Middle East in 1886, 1889, and 1896 to make studies of the landscape and people. His series of 365 opaque watercolor illustrations showing the life of Christ were shown to critical acclaim and enthusiastic audiences in Paris (1894–5), London (1896) and New York (1898–9), before being bought by the Brooklyn Museum in 1900.
Creationswap is one of the top free resources to get quality media for the Church. The site offers graphics for free and to be purchased. Unlimited subscriptions are available.